About me


My name is Pablo, although you might have read something from me coming from the pseudonyms of Bohemian, Bohemian Shadow or Shadowbohemian. All those names are linked to the same author. I have been writing poems, stories and also participating in sports blogs for the last six or seven years.

I love writing. The process in itself and the feeling of abandoning yourself while you do it. It is as it someone opened you up and you let all your blood become ink on the virtual paper.

I don´t write for anybody, not even for myself although I must confess it makes one feel good.

I started writing back in 1998 in Hanover, Indiana. Well, in fact I did it when I was a child in Spain long ago…but I wasn´t fully aware of what I was doing. I never thought I had any particular talent and I still believe anybody with some time, insight and passion can do a very fine job. I am not particularly different from that.

Six years ago I started up a blog in MySpace and some years after I opened a blog that you can still check if you feel like. It was called Symmetry of Darkness. I write in English and in Spanish. I can´t control which of them will be the vessel which will lead me to what I try to say in that occasion. Please forgive me.

Last summer my life suffered some crucial setbacks and I stopped writing for almost four months. Now I am back. Here, on Chapter XIII.


You can contact me at bohemianshadow@gmail.com

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