Red was all I was able to see after you came to me and offered me to taste everything you had in you. You told me I was welcome to take off your clothes and explore every inch of the skin that covered all that warmth inside. From the white surface of your thighs, curving the shadow of my tongue darkening it forever. Through the trembling pink, soft and powerfully ripe with the flavor of you, to the red in it all that ran through my throat and filled me up with all the thoughts and desires you had inside you for so long.

I didn’t give you anything from me, you didn’t seem very interested in it. My skin already crossed by the tools of experience and decadence. My colors fading, becoming blurred and less vivid. My body was once taken prisoner, kept alive by thieves that took all it had. What would you have wanted out of it? The void, the fall of man taken in the space of a desperate passionate yet confused kiss?

Your eyes closed slower with my lullabies, never to be opened again, entering the realms without backdoors or safe exits.

It was never you that I desired. I was never one to be desired.

And the pain that I caused you it was all that you were able to accept. I took all the colors you once were painted with and I turned them into one single big splatter of crimson red.

Your red is part of everything now. Past and past again. For the present is no longer a part of this story.

All is left from you are those red stains over the bed, scattered around from bigger to tiny storm drops that claim your victory over a body that had tied you up to the slavery of life.

You are gone forever, but your seeds of pain and despair will grow wilder inside my brain after this. I will scream in increasing agony day by day, until someone will finally turn me all into my own private red.