What happens with the words you tell somebody in the realm of a love relationship? When you tell them they are meant for that person only. No one else. Those words have a life only if the other person receives them, opens them and cherishes them. It’s a box with just one keyholder and meant to be exclusive.

Where are the words I made? Where did they go? I wonder if they vanished, or maybe they just were sucked into some black hole of antimatter spread randomly by you or me.

But I mostly wonder about the words you wrote to me. The sounds you made for me. The moments you built for me.

Where are they now?

You must forgotten that you ever uttered them. And if you ever remember about it you will like to think it doesn’t hurt me. After all, I will always be in a good mood. You will take for granted that I am there.

Until I am not.


Then, maybe the words come back.

Then again, probably they will never be found. Lost in the oceans of time that we once crossed.