In the beginning of the end, no one had really noticed. It had all happened on a Friday night, and Samuel used to ignore phone calls and messages when he decided he needed to spend some time on his own. Thus, nobody suspected that he had decided to spend time with himself for good and forever. 

When Monday arrived people were starting to worry though. He didn´t show up, didn´t return any phone calls from the bosses and colleagues. Some of them wondered if Samuel was sick with the flu or if he had again changed his telephone number. His students were assigned to other teachers for another couple of days, but the tension was increasing. 

Some of his friends had started contacting each other with the hope of knowing what was going on with Samuel. Was he gone? Finally one of his friends entered the building he had never been in. The porter said he hadn´t been seen in some days and that the barking from Sam´s dogs had been disturbing the neighbours lately. He was hoping to see him or some of his friends in order to know what could be happening.The owner of the flat hadn´t received the payment of the rent and was contacting the porter and neighbours as well. 

They decided to wait for some hours, but soon after the neighbours next door started complaining about the smell coming from the apartment. Soon after they called the police and forced their way inside.

They found him in bed surrounded by his dogs. He was hugging his pillow, trying to grasp the last breathe into this world as he had left his agony of life days ago.

Alone, in his self made coffin he laid. The mix of narcotics displayed on the top table, the music from his laptop still on, having left a week long playlist to be shuffled forever. The melody for his last journey in this world.

Dead at last. Finally free.