I turned that page twelve, the special one. That page represented everything that I dreamed about. The juices of life were sweet and we poured them on the most sophisticated reservoirs to be drunk with delectable passion.

Yet, it was futile. It ended. And it was just that, a dream.

The following morning I opened another chapter by accident. I was happy with the story up to that moment, you know. The ups and downs of life finally reward the hero. The happy ending is the oasis at the end of the desert.

Yet, you know there was never any desert and the oasis was just something you created in your mind. You chose to believe all that. In fact you know life is more a spiral out of control rather than a rollercoaster. That’s the metaphor.

I was thrown into the quicksands of chapter thirteen by the circumstances, by the actions of others. I also wonder if gravity just moved my fingers and unglued them from the borders of twelve to the dangers of the new chapter.

I never really wanted to be here. I feel it is like something you just don’t want to admit it will happen.

Fear made me believe this territory in which we are dwelling right now didn’t even have a chance to exist. When I stepped my feet on it I feared I would burn out and exhaust. Pure hell. And for some time such was the nature of the beast.

Now things have changed. I have adapted my morphology to the environment. And I must say I quite like it.

I want to share this new chapter with you.


And remember, even though we may reach to fully enjoy our personal journeys through the depths of chapter thirteen never forget there will be another episode after this one ends.